Silk Almond Production

We pride ourselves on innovative solutions that put every cent of the budget on screen. Our approach to this production is simple: gather experienced staff to use their expertise and, create beautiful, bespoke images that capture the essence of Silk Almond.

Production Strategy

It is one thing to type out a strategy and quite another to be proactive and test out our theories in the real world. A handful of smoothies later we developed a dynamic table top production that utilized naturalistic light effects and minimal crew. Our philosophy is to maximize the vision of the creatives, not line items on a spreadsheet.

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This example video is the baseline of what to expect and with your partnership the quality will only sky rocket!

Powerful Post Production

Our relationship has flourished by collaborating together on every type of project ranging from production to completely CG promotions. The tribe plans to fully maximize the production by having a blue screen backdrop when an environment is in frame. This allows for fantastic set dressing and art direction. Regardless of our final shooting location, we will bring world class images to the forefront. 

Who knew we shot this in Martha Stewart's kitchen!

Who knew we shot this in Martha Stewart's kitchen!

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Thanks for reviewing the material we look forward to continuing our collaboration!