Arizona Christian University Graphics package

The cool cats at ACU and Cox called upon TMHK create an earth shattering on air show open and graphics package like no other. The result of this fun project is narrative that departs on a story telling onslaught of athletics excellence.


Our long time collaborator Cox Studios tasked Tomahawk to create an earth shattering and jaw dropping open for the Firestorm Football team. The parameters were straight forward, prepare our broadcast audience for a epic athletics show! We love these open faced briefs and awesome supporters that let us run with them.


We start by taking the written word and generate Tons of index card scribbles that develop into polished photoshop storyboards. These key frames are frequently referenced throughout the production process for both live action and VFX teams to keep the story on track. Once the storyboards are completed the team creates an energy filled animatic.

Original 2D storyboards

FireStorm 2D Animatic

Style Frames

An extensive style frame process challenged our team to dig deep into the concept and explore all the visual angles for this epic battle! The frames below are small selection of the rocking designs.


Character Development

Crucial to our story is the ROCK MONSTA and our FIRESTORM BIRD! As the character busts out of rock formation and into the underline plot of this story. A solid step to our character development is the rough thick marker block out, We believe if the proportions are nailed the details will fill in perfectly. 


Rock Monster Development

What creatures are brave enough to take on our towering Firestorm team? Seven foot creatures from within the earth!

Firestorm Bird Development

When converting a two dimensional logo into a fully emotive 3D character great care is taken to withhould the origonal characters silohoutte.

Live Action Production

Tomahawk had the privilege to direct the live action production along with the rest of graphics package. Utilizing our previous VFX supervision our members of the tribe worked with a great group of massive athletes from the Firestorm football team. It was a great group of guys to hang out with!

VFX & animation

Full CG environments, characters, matte painting, and top notch compositing bring this epic script to to life.


Fire Simulations

Key to brining the "Fire"storm team to life is a heavy dosage of pyrotechnics, in the computer of course. We called upon a full 3d fluid solver to generate and texture millions of particles in physically plausible scenario. Below is a quick reel of some of the fire simulations cut together.

Rigid body dynamics

This system allowed the team to hand cut the rocks along with cracking simulations to get an art directed look, check out one of many simulations below.