New Office #taghash

This is exactly the kind of "ground floor" opportunity interns would have been perfect for. 


How about some rain in the desert? That's exactly what we got. Goodbye old office, hello real business-ing!

Beer and Lego Friday (And you can too)

Impulse buy a Lego set, wait till everyone is a couple beers deep and let the race begin! 


The task at hand: Use nothing but the cover image to put the whole thing together. Time it all and don't forget to put it all back in the bag. Dropped pieces on the floor? Oh yeah, added to your time! 

So, how did we do?

Lego Assembly / Dissasembly Time

It should be no surprise to see our Co-Chief mastering all things racing.


We will send you a Lego Kit for your team just sign up below!

Company name *
Company name
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Where do we send the party?

can neither confirm nor deny our involvement

March Magic is here and the competition has begun to choose a fan favorite Disney Parks attraction!

Posted by Disneyland on Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Or these cool animations

It's down to the last four teams in March Magic! Who moves on to the final match? Vote CANNONBALLS for Pirates of the Caribbean or BLAST for Space Mountain.

Posted by Disneyland on Saturday, April 4, 2015

Bounce to Disk

"You are looking for a CD at your back door beside the southeast corner of the building next to the wall. "

So went the impromptu scavenger hunt this morning delivering audio files to Big U. Good to know our clients now think we have a promising career as Drug Mules... Diversity is good.

Humanity is a Beautiful Mess

When life splats pie in your face, you know peace is right around the corner. Welcome to the world of Peace Pi!

Peace Pi was established as a grass roots group of volunteers around the world to create, promote, and share CONSTANT, RANDOM acts of Peace, Joy and Goodwill in the world, expanding into an INFINITE growing network of conscious, cause-oriented people. 

The team at TMHK created this teaser video for the indieGoGo campaign to raise awareness and help build up this charity's cause. We also get in on those Pi fights! Check them out!

Lopes Up!

A perfected version of "Sportsball" has one take a small, Nerf "Spheroid" and try to score the shopping cart basket laden with computer parts. 

An early style frame for the world of GCU Athletics

An early style frame for the world of GCU Athletics

While our warriors may not be NCAA material, they know what looks good on screen and gets fans off their feet. Daniel has a full-writeup here.

Final score: Lopes 74 - Mustangs 47


The Great Flood of 2014

Storm of the Century they called it. 3.29 inches in one go is a lot of water here in the desert. 

The waters receding in the morning. 

The waters receding in the morning. 

TMHK remained mostly dry even as our grounds became inundated from all sides. 

We lit the fireplace and weathered the storm. 

Bring it on.  

A window was popped out of its frame from the wind. 

A window was popped out of its frame from the wind. 


Chests of gold, silver, chocolate and cheese, better than pirate treasure any day. 

For bad asses only

For bad asses only

Cox Media graced us with the opportunity to direct a new intro for ACU University and we responded in kind with import goods sent to both offices.  

Curious? Thought so:

The contents of each metal box

The contents of each metal box

ACU Football Intro

F1 on Set

High speed motor sports and epic commercial work meet on the set of upcoming Union Digital Productions for national spots in 2015.


Gaffers keep the bulb cool while shooting outdoors in Phonix, AZ. 

Gaffers keep the bulb cool while shooting outdoors in Phonix, AZ. 

Much like the portable fans on key areas of the frame of a modern F1 vehicle after Q1, we noticed this hot light needs added airflow to resist setting itself alight. 

We are big fans of F1. Our tribe is inspired by a focus on inspired design, venerable drivers, unsurpassed technology and insatiable hunger for winning. 

Lewis or Nico?

Boom Goes the Cannon

Flame engulfs my hastily wound fuse, sparks licking a barrel choked with explosives and one mighty payload. 

Welcome to the firing of our office cannon. Small but mighty we loosed a dozen with mixed success. But then:

Sparing nothing for the perfect shot, our Chief's 5c and newly acquired specialty lenses were harmed in the making of this  video.  

Shot on location. 


We may have the video that resulted in this:

The charred cannon

The charred cannon

Employ less black gunpowder than hubris would suggest.

Coffee Culture

Spending $1,000 on an espresso machine really sums up our love for coffee. 



Truth is, we Craigslisted the thing and got it for $250. Point is, not only are we world-class creatives, but most importantly, baristas. 


But why make our own coffee when there are over 12 coffee shops within a mile radius of our office?

Simply put, we know what we like and now we can serve it up any time of day. 

So, TMHK coffee shop is open and the tribe is ready for battle. Stop by for a cup!

PS: It's the beans.

Race Day

Nothing sharpens the creative mind like high speed pit maneuvers at Octane raceway! 


Tearing it up in East Phoenix

Tearing it up in East Phoenix

The birthday boy and our creative director and co-chief Daniel Margiotta led the pack, posting the best times in every race while our chief Gabriel Naylor started near the bottom but by race 3 was only a second behind. 

More racing coming up!

The suggested racing line. 

The suggested racing line.