We have come So Far

Together, LaneTerraleve and TMHK pioneered breaking ground for Cable One and the Emoji Campaign. From developing concepts that break records and influence communities, to developments in technology that allow us to seamlessly blend the real and digital. We have truly crafted the future.

VFX Breakdown

To think, these started out as rooftop tests and computer renders!


Upcoming Challenges

The future of the Emoji campaign will come from taking everything we have learned, continue to build the momentum, and digging to the core of our success to find efficiencies and lead us into a new era of Emojis! The task before us challenges us to expand upon our success and do so cost-effectively. 

It is our pleasure to share with you our thoughts on what's next!

Next Generation Cable One Emoji 

Looking into the future, we've picked up on trends that will aid us in crafting this new approach. Some are breakaway successes and new genras of character animation that we plan to bring into the fold. Additionally, we are capitalizing on the lessons learned from our past projects to focus on the emoji energy and Cable One's message. With this in mind:


We believe character animation is enjoying a Golden Age and we are at the cusp of the Wave

Sony's recently announced Emoji Movie is slated for theaters this upcoming Summer. The movie takes place entirely on a phone and has already cast A-level actors. Reception has been extremely positive and bodes well for the future of the Emoji Campaign.


We suggest animated commercials centering on the emojis themselves working through the challenges solved by Cable One. These should be in either entirely 3D generated environments or with plates acquired for the task. These emojis can be standalone or with human bodies, depending on the scripts. We should use in-house personnel for the actors. We can employ Blue screens to help batch-capture characters and remain cost efficient.

We know that together, the next step for Cable One Emoji will be a seminal achievement.