Cable One Emoji

The Tribe here at Tomahawk is so excited to collaborate with Lane Terralever and Original Films to bring to life this unique set of spots to keep Cable One's Marketing at the forefront with leading-edge Visual Effects and Post! We've put together a collection of some of our most innovative technology yet!

Emoji Head Treatment

Thanks to our in-person meeting here at our Studio on Friday and a fantastic discussion with Pete on Saturday, we came up with a visual treatment that remains faithful to the EmojiOne designs while taking them to a new dimension! We've opted for maintaining the 2D shapes on 3D geometry. We are using real-world shading driven by 360 environment photography.

Original 2D EmojiOne Head

Original 2D EmojiOne Head

3D EmojiOne Head

3D EmojiOne Head

3D M&M Shape with a shortened width and interactive lighting and reflections. 

3D M&M Shape with a shortened width and interactive lighting and reflections. 

Original lighting test. This look is driven by an immersive 360 HDRI of a Barcelona rooftop

Tracking Technology

As It is vital to maintain momentum on set and keep distractions to a minimum, we have embraced simplicity with an intuitive and unobtrusive approach to multi-actor head tracking.  To this end, we've taken the latest in 3D Camera and Object tracking to develop a simple set of markers worn on the head and painted on the face.

Motion capture beanie   with contrasting markers and makeup

Motion capture beanie with contrasting markers and makeup

RICOH Theta  360 Camera

RICOH Theta 360 Camera

Post Production Bid

We will email estimates for the Spring 2016 Cable One Common Sense Campaign. We have options for one or two spots, depending on how many we produce. There is an economy of scale due to the research and development required for the acquisition, processing and implementation of a number of emojis on several actors. We expect to be on set to assist with the implementation of the effects work.

Thank you for the opportunity to bid on this production! Together, we will make it great!