Fulton Homes "Looking Glass" Super Bowl Commercial

Directed and Produced by Tomahawk

Tomahawk directed this whimsical Super Bowl Commercial for Knoodle - featuring a fantastic journey through the imagination of a curious girl in a Fulton Homes Wonderland. With ambitions high and time running out, the creative Warriors at TMHK pulled out all the stops in a production dash to the endzone.

Tomahawk's Approach

The Tribe is proud to present a Tomahawk produced commercial for the Super Bowl. Our creativity ran high as we created artwork as an inspirational springboard for this trip into fantasy. From the outset, we wanted a journey as inspired by Fulton's home elements .

We opted for a digital first production where live-action elements are shot as elements for composited virtual environments from start to finish. All the concept work, as well as finished assets, were created in-house by dedicated Warriors eager to raise the bar.

Pre Production

After the style frames, we put together a production book that outlines our vision for the project.

Pre Visualization

We immediately put our inspiration to screen and began to review story, framing, and timing before any 3D computer graphics or productions were carried out. This ensures that everyone is on the same page as to the speed and efficacy of each shot; critical for a seamless experience.

Post Production

This segment highlights a representative shot and shows our process from shooting on a blue screen stage with keying, object, and environment tracking. We then add increasingly detailed versions of the background and blip with harnesses and propeller. We then composite the final image in 16 bit taking full advantage of an extended bit depth to pass along to color and broadcast.


We took some Behind the Scenes 360 VR experiences which can be seen with Oculus Rift, Google Cardboard, or any VR headset.

 Butterfly Simulation. By mixing a flocking behavior within the boids simulation, we were able to take our masses of butterflies and lift them with wind and a keenly tuned vertex.

By mixing a flocking behavior within the Boids simulation, we are able to take our masses of butterflies and lift them with wind and a keenly tuned vortex.

Sound Design

The geniuses at Big U Sound Design crafted a truly inspirational score for Spyglass. Sam Esparza and his team constructed worlds for our ears by expanding the volume and scope of the wonderland as well as the crescendo reveal and transformation back to the Fulton Home.

Curious how to watch this year's Superbowl online?

The folks at Cloudwards have you covered!

A huge Thank you to all our Creative Partners and Warriors that made this happen. We hope to make you all proud.