The Tribe's vision

Being fully inspired by "Thunder Dan's" unparalleled leadership abilities both on and of the court. Tomahawk tapped into the schools existing culture and created a A "Thunder Zone Reactor" that is supercharged by the powerful support of GCU's fans! As the tension builds the lightning cuts through the thick atmosphere and charges up an intro like no other. 

Grand Canyon University Athletics Intro

A few of the key visual reference that focused the design into a GCU themed athletics showcase.

The animatic is a key element to our production process, nail down visual story to time and the rest is gravy. Even in this early stage the energy is still conveyed through the wireframe render.

Grand Canyon University "Thunder Zone" show open


Thunder Zone Animatic

Grand Canyon University Broadcast elements

Along with the "Hero" intros several bumpers, transitions, and backgrounds were created to tie the production and mood of the show together.