MacMillan River Adventures Video Package

The team at Tomahawk were entrusted with a brand new graphics package for MacMillan River Adventures. This hit hunting show on The Outdoor Channel features Shawn Michaels and Keith Mark embarking on wild hunts thought the world.

MacMillan River Adventures Pitch Book

It all starts here. The pitch book is a crucial step when creating taylor-made graphics. We hope to convey the look and feel in a few pages, covering our plan and inspiration for each of the different scenes. Rough leather, rustic surroundings, and a moody atmosphere are all here.

The modeling and shading of the lamp presented the challenge of making it feel interesting in it's own right, while providing an excellent space to showcase the sponsors in an interesting environment.

Completed Style Frames

These images showcase the variety of scenes used in the intro. Each exhibit their own challenges yet match a common standard of excellence.