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Thank you for exploring the world of VR with us. It is truly exciting to be able to share the city we love and discover the Phoenix experience. We will take you there, guided by a vibrant story and unique experiences that will transport hearts and minds.

Introducing #OZO, the VR camera designed for professional creators and storytellers.

The Camera: The OZO

Behold, the top of the line, all in one camera by Nokia. It has 8 2K professional quality cameras, 3D Surround Sound, Live preview to Headset capabilities, and an easy stitch workflow. It is the highest rated camera to date.

The video below was made by one of the rental providers and is one of the best overviews for the operation of the camera. I have put in an estimate with a couple of Southwest providers based out of California.

Higher Production Value

Let's go beyond the basics. We think the experiences can be enhanced to spectacular result! We plan to light our scenes and remove any visible set equipment in post. Bring on the sky replacements and all manner of enhancements. Let's do 3D type, color correction, and 3D sound design. Let's make an experience like no other.

To get the highest quality vision on screen, lets look at the tools we can upgrade to and push the bar in VR immersive technology.

The Nokia OZO is the first real professional, all-in-one VR / 360º video camera.

Past projects and location scouts

We are currently working on a large-scale production in collaboration with SRP and have been using the best "prosumer" camera for location scouting. We also have post produced VR Rig Videos.


After Effects can do most of the heavy lifting, but for the truly unique, we have VR tools in Nuke. A quarter rental later, and we can do Film Quality work and tackle anything we can imagine.


Production Experience

This is one of the best videos showcasing how light and effective the crew can be. Video village consists of a couple of MacPros, A Black Magic Deck, a broadcast monitor, and lots of VR Headsets. Perfect for showcasing a bunch of scenarios.