Sqwishland Suprise Egg Development

The team is super excited to present the results of our collaboration!

This  layered surprise egg is designed to bring intrigue and shelf presence to a whole new level. As the layers peel back and the simplistic modular design unfolds a new discovery is found at every turn. I believe this product is the "Hook" that builds an Exceptional fan base to Sqwishland for many years to come.

We estimate having 30 Capsules and 10 Bare Sqwishland characters along with an assortment of Cost effective and cleverly packaged items to break the "150 + Toy" mark. We are developing a refreshing hook that can introduce new fans as well as satisfy your existing fan base.

Please note there are a few more package tweaks and call outs we want to develop and as we get closer to an approval we will tighten up the graphic design.

We are really excited to hear your thoughts, Thanks!