Taco Time National Branding

When approached with the opportunity to pitch on the 2016 Taco Time branding the entire team gleamed with excitement. The brief's main directive was to create earth shattering creative that is just as unique as Taco Time's food offerings. The crew embarked on a long walk for miles around our downtown studio for a “Tepe Talk”. As the project was in early development with a fast approaching shoot date we discussed and explored dozens of options. Our team had the constant gut check by asking if our creative approach takes full advantage of the brand pillars.

The creative treatment

Our tribe engineered a bespoke 3D scanning rig to gives us the entire range of the product in a completely CGI universe. This approach allowed us to utilize the available production staff while giving the post team the creative latitude that is sensitive to marketing needs. Once the martini shot was up the work began.

As a key partner of UDP we took the rough scripts and brought them to life through hundreds of sketches. As a litmus test for the Tribes creative treatments we would build simple 3D block outs. Following our proven pipeline we moved our concepts into Previs.

Ghost Pepper

We started with  an epic Burrito, only the brave few will dare to try. This burrito puts the Macho in machismo!


As an art