BTCD Youth Prevention

A TMHK we push the boundaries of creative to effect change. As a long standing creative partner we are honored to participate with the BTCD again.  Our passion runs deep for building engaging worlds  and stories that guide youth down the right path.

Change Is On The Horizon

Our team loves the creative treatment and we know it is the catalyst for an amazing campaign.  The root of our concept is to dive head first into popular culture that young adults will have a deep social connection too. We will define our visual language of each scenario speaking on common ground with our audience.

Bespoke Visual treatment to serve each story

We imagined giving the production design an slightly futuristic take to allude to the progression of nicotine products. Our team will  key into the industrial design sensibilities of the vape pens and apply it to everyday life. No worn out tropes of rusty saw blades and syringes. The tone we must strike has to be a deep rooted connection in a near future that our audience will soon grow into. When the smoke clears we will have informed them not matter how “Safe” or “Optimus Prime Robot” looking these products may be, they are still harmful to your body.

VFX Art Direction

With the advancement of modern day video games high quality and story driven CG is inherit to our viewers visual palette. By collaborating together  we will design each photo real effect by shooting live action elements to comp into our scenarios.


TMHK 2016 ShowReel

Director Jerry Brown

Jerry believes that like life, every story has a center, a pivotal point; one little jewel that makes everything else relevant. His acclaimed craftsmanship is a result of his innate capacity to find that one thing to explore and originally portray the beauty and simplicity that gives everything else meaning.

You find yourself literally at a fork in the road – which way do you go?

Depends on the fork. And depends on the road. Probably left is always right.


This only represents the tip of the iceberg, we are ready to be fully unleashed and submit a groundbreaking treatment.

Thank you for your consideration!